in deepest hollow

im conrad and this is the blog where i put most of my doodles idk


can you tell that i love mugen more than anybody ever bc i think its obvious


i haven’t drawn anything worthwhile in aaages to have a newtlieb doodle lmao

attempts thing

idk what i’m doing but he’s an elf thing?

to keep this blog active let me post some of my recent doodles

i wanted to draw feliks with a bunch of different hairstyles because the canon haircut is the most disgusting thing i think i’ve ever seen 

like c’mon feliks what the fuck is that

god you have no idea how many times i do shitty sketches of feliks in even shittier clothes that i never show anyone

summer blanket forts (\uwu/)

a dumb doodle i guess because today was warm and sunny and lovely in england

hi i’m really bored

ayy just fuckin around 

i guess i’ve always seen the fems different to a lot of the fandom?? i mean i think i see most of them differently than most of the “canon” variations

ayyy i’m calling this finished before i hate it

oh hetalia how i’ve missed you